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It starts with prayer.

We pray for revival.

But prayer is not a formula for revival. It’s an expression of humility that precedes it. It’s a realization that we cannot achieve the mission, cannot direct the vision, cannot move the needles of success. It’s God who does it all. He just invites us into the process when we humble ourselves in repentant obedience by faith.

Charlotte Awake administers the Charlotte Prayer Net ministry on behalf of the church in the city of Charlotte. We are caretakers of this ministry. The heavy lifting of prayer is done by the Christians in the churches throughout the city.

Your participation matters!


It’s a manageable chunk of time that can be done anywhere- at home, in the car, even working out. Already praying? Great! Not sure how to fill the time? Don’t worry. We can help.

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By knowing where and when prayer is happening, Charlotte Awake is able to facilitate communication between church leaders and you, the one praying. You can elect to receive time-sensitive prayer directives by email or directly on your phone through our app. Charlotte Awake also provides periodic revival news and updates as it relates to Charlotte and daily biblical teachings in short bites designed to support your spiritual health.

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Start praying!

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